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Massage & Healing Arts
Instructional DVD's & Guided Meditation CD

Instructional Massage DVD

This exquisite professionally produced DVD provides detailed step by step instruction of the Therapeutic Massage technique taught at Diamond Light School of Massage & Healing Arts.

Ideal for professionals, students & lay people, this DVD will teach you to perform an effective full body oil massage using appropriate body mechanics to avoid strain and achieve maximum benefit for the recipient.

Awareness of the subtler, energetic and spiritual components of Massage Therapy are integrated throughout.

$85.00 plus $4 shipping - DVD or digital download available

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Lymphatic Massage- Instructional DVD

Learn to perform the Lymphatic Massage technique taught at Diamond Light School of Massage & Healing Arts with this 40 minute guided step by step instructional massage video.

$39.00 plus $4 shipping - contact us for availability

Guided Meditation CD

Learn the meditation and energy healing practices taught at Diamond Light School of Massage & Healing Arts.

This hour long guided meditation CD will bring you deeply into the inner sanctuary of your Being to explore, discover, revitalize, heal and transform your energy field.

This CD is ideal for anyone interested in catalyzing or deepening their own healing process. It is also valuable for healers and massage therapist wishing to incorporate the dimension of spiritual/ energetic awareness into their work allowing you to reap the benefits that come from understanding the energetic dynamics of the healing relationship as well as facilitate deeper levels of healing within your clients.

A- Chakra Meditation
B- Grounding and Opening Meditation

$19 plus $3 shipping