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To request a transcript of your coursework please submit the information requested in the form below, hit submit and then send an email to saying that you have placed your transcript order. You will receive a Paypal invoice and once that is paid your transcript will be sent within 2 weeks.

First Name*
Last Name*
Street Address*
City and State*
Zip Code*
Date of Birth*
Phone Number*
Email Address*

Total Number of Documents*(Fee $25 -$35 per document**)
Titles of Course Completed (if known- classes taken at Diamond Light only- we cannot include classes taken at other schools on your transcript)
Course Dates (if known)

Specify Details* - Please tell us what you need this document for, so we can be sure it contains the appropriate information for your needs (ie-transcript for CAMTC, NCBTMB exam, MBLEX, FSMTB, permit, licensing in other state. etc)
Additional Info - If your transcript is going to the CAMTC, please put your CAMTC id number here (the number given to you by the CAMTC when you submitted your application) if you have one. If you are requesting a transcript for the FSMTB so you can take the MBLEX, please provide your social security number. If you prefer you can call us with a social security number, but the FSMTB requires we include it on your transcript or they won't allow you to sit for the exam

Please Note: If you have registered for our 500, 250 or 100 hour program, we must have a high school, college or graduate school diploma or transcript on file for you prior to sending your transcript to the CAMTC. If you have not yet provided this, please mail it to Diamond Light, PO Box 2110, San Anselmo, CA 94979 and let us know it is on the way. As per BPPE requirements, your transcript will not be processed without a HS or college diploma or transcript. Not required for individual classes


If document is to be sent to a 3rd party, please complete that information below (otherwise your transcript will be sent to your address) If you want it to go to the CAMTC, just say that, we know the address.

Send to
Agency Name
Zip Code

If you have changed your name and would like the document in your current name, check here and enter your current name

First Name
Last Name

**Fee: $25 - $35 per document- If you took all your classes at Diamond Light and completed the program within a year and in the last 3 years, the cost for a transcript is $25 per copy. If you are piecing together education from various schools or are using education from more than 3 years ago, the CAMTC requires that we submit extensive documentation in defense of any class credits that might differ from the currently approved program. If your transcript requires extensive documentation, the cost will be up to $35 for the first copy and $25 for each additional copy. You will receive a Paypal invoice with the payment amount when you place your order, or you can pay by phoning us with a credit card number or asking us to use a credit card you have used with us previously. Your transcript will be mailed within 2 weeks of receipt of payment

Please remember your order is not complete until you send us a email saying you've placed it and payment is made Thank you  
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