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Welcome to Diamond Light School
of Massage and Healing Arts

Our Intention ~

Diamond Light School of Massage & Healing Arts, located in the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California was founded with the intention to combine outstanding professional/ clinical Massage Therapy Certificiation Training with the spiritual and energetic dimension of massage therapy and healing.

Diamond Light Massage School is unique in uniting the highest quality massage therapy education with a deep understanding and exploration of the sacred potential for healing inherent in the practice of massage and bodywork. At Diamond Light Massage School we teach massage therapy as a holistic art, acknowledging the inseparability of body, mind and spirit within the client as well as the practitioner.

We offer Professional Massage Therapy Training Programs that integrate the structural, emotional, intuitive and creative elements of bodywork, empowering you to silently complement the physical aspect of massage therapy with deeper levels of healing. We also offer exceptional and inspiring individual massage therapy and bodywork classes & workshops with world renowned Massage Therapy instructors who are experts in their field.

Diamond Light Massage School is approved by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (, and approved by the California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC) for classes leading to Massage Therapy Certification in California. We are also approved as a National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) assigned school.

Our Commitment ~

~ to support you to become an extraordinary Massage Therapist by providing instruction in a broad scope of world class therapeutic massage and healing techniques, ranging from deep structural work to the subtler energetic dimensions of healing.

~ to teach you to work proficiently with a wide range of clients, situations and modalities. Our professional Massage & Bodywork Therapy Certification Programs will enable you to treat massage therapy clients with acute or chronic structural/physical complaints as well as those seeking relaxation, stress relief and/or emotional/energetic healing.

~ to work with you individually to ensure mastery of each modality and provide the academic training to prepare you for the MBLEX exam.

~ to empower you to create a successful career as a Massage Therapist, providing the information, skill and connections you will need to prosper as a professional in the growing field of massage therapy and healing. Diamond Light graduates are sought after and highly respected in the professional community as their ability and skill upon graduation often exceeds that of practitioners with many years of experience

~ to inspire you to reawaken to your deepest, most essential nature and share from this depth with others. Our students consistently express gratitude that they've not only acquired a new skill and a new career, but also a deeper, more fulfilling way of relating to life, people and themselves.

~ to create a beautiful, nurturing and sacred environment of professional excellence, unconditional compassion, creativity and joy for you to learn, grow, heal and develop as a professional massage therapist and healer.