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California State Approved
Massage Therapy & Healing Arts School Certification Courses Overview & Requirements

Any of our courses may be taken individually. Classes taken individually may be applied toward certification at a later date. Diamond Light Massage School is approved by Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education ( and all of our classes may be applied toward certification by the California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC).

Massage Therapy Course ~ 100 hours

The Massage Therapy Course is part of our 500 hour certification program and will provide you with a solid foundation in the basics of massage therapy. It is the first step toward certification as a massage therapist for those interested in exploring the possibility of a career in massage therapy before committing to a longer program. It is also a wonderful class for students interested in learning massage for their own person enrichment. This course can be taken individually and applied to later certification if you chose to continue.

Massage Essentials Body Mechanics


Massage Therapy Class Meditation & Energy Principles
Anatomy Deep Swedish Massaage
PreNatal Massage Ethics

MT Course Tuition: $2025 ($1925 1 month before class) Schedule

Advanced Bodywork Course~ 250 hours

Includes the Massage Therapy Course listed above plus 150 hours chosen from the classes below.

Professional Bodywork (Massage Therapist Certification) Course

Massage Therapist Certification ~ 500 hours

Includes all of the classes offered at Diamond Light listed below, and fulfills the educational requirements for Massage Therapist Certification in California * Schedule

Prices below are for single individual classes. Receive up to 15% discount off tuition for registration for the full 500 hour certification course.

Massage Therapy Class 44 hours $875
Deep Tissue Massage 42 hours $850
Meditation & Energetic Principles 8 hours $160
Hospice Massage 13 hours $275
Neuro Muscular Reprogramming 28 hours $550
Table Thai Massage 17 hours $340
Ethics 6 hours $120
Business 6 hours $120
CranioSacral Therapy   27 hours $550
Tui - Na 12 hours $250
Anatomy, Kinesiology, Assessment 48 hours $950
NeuroMuscular (Trigger Point)Therapy 27 hours $540
Reflexology 13 hours $260
Chair Massage 6 hours $130
Body Mechanics 9 hours $195
Massage Essentials 42 hours $850
Reiki 16 hours $335
Myofascial Release 16 hours $325
Supervised Clinic 20 hours $195
Meditation & Energy Healing 15 hours $325
Practical Anatomy 12 hours $250
Advanced Neck Work 15 hours $305
Silent Meditation Retreat 30 hours $575 + room/food
PreNatal Massage 7 hours $150
Deep Swedish Massage 7 hours $150
Table Shiatsu 13 hours $260
Health & Hygiene 12 hours  
Acupressure 15 hours  
Working with Trauma For Massage Therpaists 7 hours  


Energetic Healing Certification ~ 110 hours

Meditation & Energetic Principles 8 hours $160
Meditation & Energetic Healing 15 hours $325
Reiki Certification 16 hours $335
Diamond Light Retreat 30 hours $575 + room/food
CranioSacral Therapy 28 hours $550
Meditation Group / Individual Practice 3 hours  

EH Certification Course Tuition: $1995 tuition plus room/food for retreat Schedule

Requirements for Massage Therapy Certification in California

* 500 hours of classes from a CAMTC approved school and the passing of the MBLEX exam is required to apply for Certification as a Massage Therapist in California. Go to for further information about California State Certification requirements.The MBLEX requirement is suspended until Decemeber 31, 2022. If you complete your certification prior to then you are not required to take the exam.

As a CAMTC approved school, our 500 hour certification program will provide the coursework necessary for certifcation in California, passing the MBLEX exam and developing the skills for a successful career as a Massage therapist.