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Diamond Light School of Massage graduates consistently receive feedback that their work contains something special, something

Transformational Training for the Body,
Mind, Heart and Soul

As a Massage Therapist and instructor many years, I've spent considerable time exploring the ways in which an aspiring massage practitioner can develop into an extraordinary healer. Mastery of skill and technique are obvious vital first steps, yet often there is an elusive intangible that distinguishes the masterful healer from an ordinary skilled practitioner. The ability to execute skilled technique may enable a massage therapist to alleviate physical stress, but without a depth of heart capable of unconditional compassion and a vastness of spiritual presence that elicits awakening of the deepest spiritual core of the recipient, one misses the deeper potential inherent in bodywork.

We can only share with others that which we contain within ourselves. Unless our inner landscape is richly whole and our focus present and embodied, our work will be merely adequate.

At Diamond Light Massage School we train our students to become extraordinary healers by expanding our focus to encompass the multidimensional aspects of ourselves and our clients. With personal, individual attention, we support students to master a variety world class massage techniques, fostering the ability to work effectively with a wide spectrum of physical conditions.

We emphasize posture, ergonomics, grounded lower body movement and proper use of momentum and weight. Educating the body of the practitioner into appropriate alignment, we transform massage "work" into an effortless, powerfully ecstatic, dance. This ensures that the practice of massage will become increasingly enjoyable and pain free throughout the many years of a successful career.

Through meditation practices we explore the inner states of being that upgrade an effective massage into a profound healing experience. Learning to access an inexhaustible source of energy within, we learn to give without becoming depleted or "picking up energy" from our clients. We explore the silent, limitless domain of the inner self, enabling us to become an oasis of peace and possibility for others.

Entering deeply into the realm of the heart we discover a reservoir of unconditional compassion that allows our clients to feel safe and respected in our presence.

Though our clients may come to us to receive an ordinary structural massage, as multidimensional healers we can, with our presence and attention, silently transmit healing that reaches far deeper than the physical.

Diamond Light School of Massage graduates consistently receive feedback that their work contains something special, something "magical" and transformative. This intangible is the honoring of the soul, the recognition of that which is vast, sacred, precious and eternal within ourselves and those we touch. And perhaps for a moment under our hands, those we touch will also remember and rejoice in the awesome magnitude of who they really are..

by Vajra Matusow - Reprinted from Open Exchange Magazine, October, 1999