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When our career provides us an arena to express our spiritual awareness in the professional world, our lives become more fulfilling.
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Therapeutic Massage
A Profession That Nourishes Your Soul

Most of us spend at least half our waking hours engaged in the endeavors that provide for us financially. If this much of our time and energy is spent in activity that is not congruent with our deepest truth and our soul's highest purpose, an essential part of our being suffers.

In the last decade the explosion of the alternative health care movement in general, and the Massage Therapy industry in particular, has afforded an enormous opportunity for those with a gift and inclination in the field of therapeutic massage and hands on healing to earn a lucrative living in a way that supports the deepest calling of their soul.

As a massage therapist for 34 years, I find it extremely rewarding to have work that reflects my deepest values. Many people who access an inner spiritual reality in the privacy of their solitude feel frustrated when forced to take on an unauthentic persona to participate in the work world. In the peaceful silence of the therapeutic massage encounter, I can remain in the deepest truth of my being and share from this depth with others, while earning my living.

When our career provides us an arena to express our spiritual awareness in the professional world, our lives become more fulfilling. As a massage therapist I have the opportunity to work in a soothing, non stressful environment, with candles, soft music and a quiet sense of sacredness. I have the inner satisfaction of serving others.It is immensely gratifying to come home at the end of the day knowing I have spent my time bringing comfort, relief and healing to others who may be suffering.

In 1987 Diamond Light School of Massage and Healing Arts was created to provide professional level Massage Therapy Training that prepared students for a successful career in the healing arts while addressing and emphasizing the spiritual dimension of massage and bodywork. We began Diamond Light with the intention of helping our students connect with their essential sacred nature and to share from this depth of sacredness authenticity with others, both personally and professionally.

In addition to teaching a wide variety of therapeutic massage techniques and the nuts and bolts of starting a career in the healing arts, we have always approached bodywork as a spiritual art, acknowledging the inseparability of body, mind, emotion and spirit within the client as well as the practitioner.

When we began in 1987 the opportunities for professional Massage Therapists were limited and many students studied massage for their own personal growth. Though some went on to successful careers, many were forced to relegate bodywork to the category of hobby and pursue other more "practical" options for their livelihood.

Today all that has changed and the demand for Massage Therapists consistently outnumbers the supply, as we regularly receive more requests to employ our graduates than we can fill. We are honored to help people realize their dream of a career that nourishes their soul and allows them to express themselves creatively from the silent truth at the depth of their being.

by Vajra Matusow - Published in Open Exchange Magazine, October, 2003