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Diamond Light School of Massage & Healing Arts was founded 20 years ago, upon the belief that the study and practice of massage therapy is inextricably linked with, and enhanced by, the practice and process of spiritual awakening.

Massage Therapy as a Portal to the Infinite

When we began Diamond Light School of Massage & Healing Arts in 1987 our intention was to create an environment where people could learn to become excellent Massage Therapists while delving deeply into the spiritual dimension of their being.

This simultaneous development of technical skill and spiritual awareness proved to be profoundly synergistic. We discovered that meditation exponentially enhanced the qualities necessary to become a proficient massage therapist, while the study and practice of massage and hands on healing provided a potent catalyst for spiritual growth.

From the beginning employers in the massage business noticed that Diamond Light Graduates had something special, and they were quickly in demand at many prominent Bay Area massage therapy establishments. This something special, though difficult to verbally define, was instantly recognized by clients from the first moment of their massage.

In addition to a vast variety of bodywork techniques and modalities, Diamond Light students master the subtle yet indispensable qualities of Presence, Unconditional Compassion, Meditative Stillness and Sacredness that transform an ordinary massage into a powerful healing experience. While becoming expert massage therapists they simultaneously transform themselves in ways that reverberate beneficially throughout every aspect of life. The lessons learned at the massage table are applicable to all relationships and useful in all areas of life. As we develop as massage therapists we become better partners, better parents, better friends, better people.

At Diamond Light we have discovered that we can use the practice of massage to penetrate the Great Mystery of life, cultivating fascination with the workings of the body, mind, emotions and spirit of our clients and ourselves. As we let go of our preconceived notions of who, or even what, a person is, and approach each other with impeccable skill, inquisitive innocence and an open heart, we begin to discover the inherent purity, wisdom and ecstasy that lives at the core of each being.

Recently public interest in both Massage Therapy and Spirituality has skyrocketed, as people look for an inner haven of peace amidst the chaos and uncertainty of these stressful times. Now more than ever we see an increasing demand for skilled and compassionate healers. This has created an unprecedented opportunity for Massage Therapists to earn a lucrative living while providing a rewarding service that is a conducive to their own spiritual unfoldment.

We invite to join us. Begin a fulfilling new career, learn a vast array of powerfully effective, state of the art bodywork skills, have a great time, meet wonderful people and explore the deepest, most sacred part of yourself.

by Vajra Matusow - published 2004