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An Extraordinary New Career!
« on: September 06, 2008, 08:14:29 PM »

Diamond Light was a perfect choice for me, bringing together spiritual aspects and structural technical learning.
Challenging classes and experienced instructors.

I loved the intimacy of the location and the class sizes. The variety in certifications and the pick and choose nature of the program.

The most powerful aspect of my training was the meditation and energy healing classes and retreat. That shared and individual experience brought a depth to my practice and my existence.

The structural and technical training started a thirst for knowledge I am sill pursuing. New modalities, depth in previous training and being open to experiencing work with new body workers for feedback and a new perspective.

My practice in the last year has allowed me to structure my work time around my son and spending as much time with him as I can. I can work seemingly part-time hours and maintain a wonderful abundant thriving life with my family. I meet and work with awesome open people and in a time where people are focusing their resources on what is most integral to their existence, creating a value in bodywork is essential and rewarding.

I have seen the roadblocks that come up get worked out beautifully which reinforces my faith in  my personal healing being connected to the healing cycle of the world. I have a huge sense of confidence in my connection to the ultimate power of the self and I am  connecting and growing with each session and every "now" I truly inhabit,  thanks to the skills I learned at Diamond Light and the direction I took from my own intuition to pursue a career in service.

I am continually Blessed and Grateful for my constantly unfolding reward from the time spent at this humble and magnificent school.