The Tao of Bodywork


Diamond Light School of Massage & Healing Arts Explores the Art of Massage as a Portal to the Infinite

by Vajra Matusow,

Director  Diamond Light School of Massage & Healing Arts offers State Certified training in Massage and Energetic Healing


We know that therapeutic massage can be a nurturing reprieve for a tense body, a soothing balm for a frazzled mind and a replenishing tonic for the soul. However as we delve more deeply into the study and practice of bodywork, we discover that the art of  massage can also be a portal to the domain of the Sacred. We begin by learning to touch the body and soon find ourselves in the realm of Spirit. Often we are surprised to realize that wrapped in the disguise of a hurting human, we encounter the Divine Beloved. Through the medium of massage, we can hear the mysteries of the universe whispering through the flesh of another. Hidden in the space where two points of consciousness meet through touch, is a world of ecstatic, ineffable magnificence. It blossoms to life as our hands, heart and unwavering presence melt away the veils of confusion, revealing the Divine Presence inherent in each being.


As we learn to empty our mind of distractions, put our personal concerns and stories on the back burner and reconnect with the infinite source of energy within, we approach another with seeing eyes and listening hands that can recognize, evoke and resonate remembrance of their essential innocence. Cutting through the layers of illusion about what a human being is, we touch the pristine, eternal  essence of life that is accessible through the body. For those who are listening, there is nothing more awesomely fascinating that the unique expression of each human heart we encounter under our hands. 


Becoming a body worker is an invitation to ever increasing aliveness. It is a call to clear our own obstacles, contractions and past woundings so we may be an unobstructed channel for healing. There is no limit to the amount of life that can flow thorough us. Our only limitations are those weÕve imposed on ourselves. In the realm of healing touch we are inescapably confronted with the reflection of our deepest self, in all itÕs divine glory and human limitation. How deeply present we can be with another?  How much energy can we soften  to receive? What are the limits of our compassion?  The study of skilled touch provides an unparalleled opportunity to dive deeply into the spiritual dimension of our being  and share from this depth with others.


At Diamond Light School of Massage and Healing Arts we teach students to access the Infinite through the art of bodywork. While our students train for a fulfilling career doing work that they love, they simultaneously learn to nourish their soul and awaken their spirit. Please join us if you would like to develop new skills, begin a fulfilling career or reconnect with the deepest part of your self.