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« on: September 22, 2008, 04:44:38 PM »

Anyone who is wanting to become licensed in SF, do not be scared! It is actually easy, just takes a couple of days to go to each building and pay what you need to... Here it is...

Types of Permits:
General Practitioner
100 hrs training
$105 app fee
$78 yearly fee

Advanced Practitioner
200 hrs training
$105 app fee
$78 yearly fee

Outcall Service
General or Advanced Permit
$252 app fee
$209 yearly fee

Go to:
The Environmental Health Section at
1390 Market Street, Suite 210
SF, CA 94102

They will tell you what to bring to the test and you have to have either a CHECK or MONEY ORDER to pay for the application fee... When you go in, you will schedule your test date with them... Pick up a massage therapists study guide book...

1)You need 70% to pass the exam... I stressed out about the exam... It was easy to pass IF you study the basic muscle groups and bones from Anatomy class and you can pick up a "Study Guide & Resources" from Env. Health Section on Market street which has all of this info and gives you tips on what to know for the test... Truly, it took me 15 minutes to complete! (And I'm not an anatomy pro, I am the kind of person who needs to study and who can really stress out so TRUST me, when I say it is easy, it is easy... For example, there is a question about what is the ethical way of doing a massage? This question refers to the fact that massage is not sexual... If there is any sexual harassment, talk to your supervisor... Then there are several questions on anatomy that actually have a basic human body drawn and you have to match letters to correct body parts...)

2)When you pass the exam, you have to go to a building a block away, City Hall, to the tax collector to pay the $78 for your licensing fee.  (The licensing fee might have gone up, so be prepared for that.)

3)For your permit, you will be asked to take a picture...

So, when you are ready to get licensed, realistically block at least 2-3 hrs of a day to be able to calmly drive or walk where you need to and pay what you need to....

4)If you want to open your own business like I did, you will have to look up a Fictitious Business Name (FBN) I believe at city hall on a computer that has a list of all available names, from there you will have to register your name and pay for that... That is a different process... So if you are going to do that, block about 3-4 hrs of your day to calmly be able to get everything done and to be able to do a search for a name you want and will like...

You probably realized by now the key is to stay calm and relaxed, so give yourself time!!! This way if you have to wait for anything, you can... And pick up the massage therapists study guide... It has great info!!!

If you have any questions, call them... The number again is #415.252.3800 or the hotline 415.252.3882

Truly, breathe, relax, stay calm and centered... Once you actually go through the process you will understand it a little time consuming because you have to pay all the fees and go to correct buildings... Actual test day, you will have 1 hr to complete, but it will not take you that long... You will be in a room with about 5-10 other people taking the test... Some in different languages... Just know the basic muscle groups and bones and what is ethical... (Washing sheets after every client; massage is not sexual in any way; talk to supervisor; etc...)

Hope this helps...
And if you still have questions or are nervous, you can contact me directly at:
Kristina Orlova