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Diamond Light is a Special, Unique, and Magical Place
« on: August 19, 2008, 06:59:37 PM »

I graduated with certifications in both Energetic Healing and Massage Therapy from Diamond Light in 2005. Before choosing to attend this school, which is not located close to my home in Alameda, I researched many other schools and programs in the Bay Area. What made Diamond Light unique was Vajra and her approach toward healing; Diamond Light was the only school that emphasized a spiritual component. I believe anyone can teach the mechanics of body work, but Vajra is so mindful of the intention behind the strokes and the importance of being grounded and protecting yourself as a therapist while working on others. (Regardless of the class, everything at Diamond Light starts with Meditation.) She instantly took away my fears of "picking up someone's bad energy" and removed the pressure I had placed on myself of being responsible for someone else's emotions as they receive treatment. She taught that my responsibility was to hold the space for someone's healing, which was so valuable.

In addition to Vajra, the other instructors at Diamond Light are incredible. Everyone seems to approach the work with a gentleness of spirit and love of their subject matter and students. It is rare to experience such selfless giving. In my opinion, two of the best are Bashir Kevin Cates, who literally changed my life with the introduction of Reiki (his class is so amazing I took it twice!), and Venus Elyse, who made the dreaded Anatomy classes so fun and engaging.

I think it is important to mention that I am a large woman and felt some anxiety about taking a massage class, but again, Vajra had a way of creating a safe space where all people were accepted. And, my new friends in the classes who massaged and did body work on me loved me with their touch and presence until I could better love and accept myself.

In each of the classes I took, I found the students to be of the highest caliber, who were there for the right reasons. To this day, some of the people I met in classes are my most dear friends. We have seen each other through things far beyond massage and body work, and I am lucky enough to have added two "nieces" in my life because of classes I shared with their pregnant moms. At Diamond Light, there is a true sense of community, we all really care about each other, and, for me, this has continued three years later.

When I think of Diamond Light, I am so appreciative of everything, and how the things I learned have benefitted me beyond healing work, in so many aspects of my life. It is truly a special, unique, and magical place.   - Sarah O'Sullivan