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Forum Overview
« on: July 28, 2008, 12:35:10 PM »

We are thrilled to welcome you to Diamond Light School of Massage & Healing Arts Online Community. It is our intention to support you in all aspects of your work and education as a Massage Therapist and/or Healing Arts Practitioner.

This forum is continually evolving and we enthusiastically welcome your input and suggestions. Please post on our  suggestions board if you have ideas about how we can better serve you.

The Bulletin Boards are read only boards. If you have something you would like to post on these boards, please send it to us via email and we will post it in the appropriate section.

The Discussion Boards and Diamond Light Alumni Boards are interactive and we encourage conversation and discussion (see posting guidelines). Anyone can read the Discussion Boards and all members can respond to or start topics on the discussion boards (simply register to become a member).

The Diamond Light Alumni Boards are for Diamond Light students and graduates. Only members registered as DL Alumni can view or post in this section. If you are a current or former Diamond Light student, we will assign you DL Alumni member status after you register, allowing you access to these boards (the DL Alumni boards won't be visible to other members or guests). Please send us an email when you register identifying yourself as a DL student or graduate, or asking us to register you as a DL Alumni member
We encourage each graduating class to create their own thread as a way to stay in touch with students in your class as well as the general community.

We invite you to visit and post often and keep us updated on developments in your work and your life, so that we can create a meaningful and inspiring community, supporting each other personally, professionally, educationally and spiritually.

If you have taken a class at Diamond Light you are automatically registered as Diamond Light Alumni and can log in and read and post in all discussions. Your user name and password were sent to you when you registered for class. Contact us if you need them resent.

If you are not a Diamond Light student and would like to become a member to participate in the general discussions, please sent us an email with you name and some info about your interest in massage and healing and we will register you for the forum

Please also visit the news section of our website for more in depth items of interest and inspiration for Massage Therapists, students and Healing Arts Practitioners.