Author Topic: A highly recommended and integrative massage school!  (Read 4698 times)

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A highly recommended and integrative massage school!
« on: October 20, 2008, 07:39:45 PM »

I have nearly finished the 500 hr. Professional Bodywork Program at Diamond Light.  It has been absolutely transforming!   I started in the spring with the 150 hr. certification course.  Not only did Vajra teach how to give an amazing Swedish/Esalen style massage, but she also included such topics as presence, meditation, personal boundaries, and compassion.  Venus rounded it out by making anatomy and business fun, yet essential topics for a massage therapist. 
Putting all of this together makes for a powerful and deep massage.  You will learn much more than just how to give an ordinary professional massage. 

I then had the great experience of learning Shiatsu with Tim Holt and Energy Work and Cranial Sacral with Jim Gilkeson.  They both are special teachers who greatly added to this holistic model of learning. 

Most recently, I took part in the Silent Meditation Retreat run by Vajra.  She is a powerful facilitator who took us inside ourselves and then out again.  This whole process gave us tools to further our personal growth into the infinite. 

This has been quite an experience!  Diamond Light has put together a well-thought out massage therapy program that has used the heart as the center piece.  I highly recommend that anyone looking to pursue massage or grow personally take this program.  It is so right on that it will give each and every person something valuable and unique to them.  Thank you,