Author Topic: 9/24/16 Massage Therapists Wanted to Volunteer and Promote Your Work  (Read 2621 times)

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Jensie Gran Fondo of Marin is a high end cycling event and will be hosting 1,500 riders at Stafford Lake Park on Saturday, 9/24. We are looking for massage therapists to help provide 15-minute recovery massages to our high end VIP riders (150).
Key features and benefits:
·         We will have a dedicated massage area within the VIP tent and would encourage you to help brand this space
·         We can plan an official email feature to all of our VIP riders to highlight your sponsorship
·         Can also do a follow up email with a special offer from you to all of our 1,500 riders
·         We would encourage you to bring branding and business cards to hand out to our VIP’s
·         We can also include an insert into our 1,500 rider bags (normally $750 value). We would just need the inserted item/flyer by the end of the week.
In return, we would ask for 4 to 5 massage therapists to provide 15 minute massages from 12 noon to 5:00pm on Saturday, 9/24.
This is a great opportunity to reach our email audience with many Marin locals as well as directly networking with our 150 high end VIP riders post event.
Please let me know if you have any questions or if I may be able to help provide additional information.
Thanks so much!
Stephanie Snaman
Event Director
The Jensie Gran Fondo | 09.24.16
858-605-8253 |